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Welcome to the Weather Toys web site. Want to build your own weather station? Then you’ve found the right place. This is the official site to learn more about the Weather Toys book, download the source code for the book’s projects, get the latest updates, and share your weather station photos and information with others. Click The Book link to learn more about building a weather station with Weather Toys.

All the files you need to complete the book’s projects are located in the downloads section. Included is all source code, the 1-Wire Java Library, programs for compiling your code, and all the tools you need at no cost. Be sure to read the News and Updates section before starting your weather station project to get the latest updates.

Got a question that other readers can help with? The Discussion Forum is now online. Here’s where you can get help and share your tips & tricks with other 1-Wire Weather Station hobbyists. All the book’s comments and updates are now located here.

There’s also a New Projects section with additional 1-Wire and Weather Station hardware and software projects.