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Download the files for the book's projects here.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the book instructs you to download "", the files have separated for easier downloading and updating. If you're just starting out, download the Main Files and the ExtremeTech Weather Server. Download the additional files as required.

Main Files: - Mac OS X User Install Files v1.1 (2.3M) - Windows User Install Files v1.0 (520K) - SimpleWeather Source Code v1.0 (668K) - Weather Toys Tools v1.0.1 (5.1M)

ExtremeTech Weather Server Update 1.0.7: - ExtremeTech Weather Server v1.0.7 for Windows - ExtremeTech Weather Server v1.0.7 for Mac OS X

Additional Files and Example Code: - TINI Weather Server v4.0.7 (5.3M) - Bonus Code for Solar Sensor & TAI8570 v1.0 (124K) - Bonus Code example for a 1-Wire hub (44K) - Simple Example Code for new AAG WS603 Wind Instrument - Simple Example Code for new Hobby Boards UV Sensor new - Simple Example Code for new Hobby-Boards ADS Anemometer new

The latest Java SDK and NetBeans downloads are available from Sun and If you want to use the same versions as the book, download the older versions here:

 jdk-1_5_0_09-windows.exe - Java SDK 1.5 Update 9 for Windows (50M) - Java SDK 1.5 Java Docs (44M)
 netbeans-5_0-windows.exe - NetBeans 5.0 for Windows (58M)
 netbeans-5_0-macosx.tar - NetBeans 5.0 for Mac OS X (53M)